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Nicholas Golden hit the ground running as the Lead Intern on the JS Realty Team! Nick believes that having a sense of home, community, and belonging is critical to unlocking an individual’s potential. He quickly found himself at home on our Team and his upbeat, positive attitude is contagious.

Nick is a 7 year Starbucks partner at a 24-hour Starbucks and is currently completing a bachelor’s program at Arizona State University through the W.P. Carey Business School. Over the last few years, Nick has traveled around the United States, and feels that nothing compares to the Northern Virginia area. He aims to serve the surrounding communities by helping others make this a place to call home as well.

Nick has a background in digital communication and a passion for film, and he loves finding new ways to implement both elements into his professional work. Nick has a desire to connect with people towards a goal that dramatically improves their quality of life. He has the desire to serve his community while helping others achieve their dreams by finding their next home.

Join us in welcoming Nick to the JS Realty Team!