With our successful approach to selling your home we will net you the most money!

Digital Remains the Fastest Growing Advertising Category.
There are 1.9 Billion monthly active users on Facebook and 3.5 Billion daily searches on Google.

Your home’s Listing will be World Wide!

We have a HUGE Database of Buyers.
We offer Staging & De-cluttering options,
along with Hassle-Free Remodeling & Repair Solutions with NO Up-Front Costs!

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  • Our Marketing Strategy – Realize potentially thousands of dollars more on your home sale from the JS Realty Team’s superior marketing program. We employ a diverse range of marketing strategies to expose your home to the most qualified buyers and customize your home marketing plan to fit your needs, your neighborhood market, and your expectations.

  • Sell Your Home Quicker – The JS Realty Team employs the highest level of advertising services of any individual agent, which means your home is exposed to more buyers, more often.

  • Advanced Technology – Your home is featured in state-of-the-art media because JS Realty employs the most advanced technological equipment available including cutting edge computer hardware and software and in-house printing systems.

  • We SHOWCASE Homes – We don’t just “show” homes, we “showcase” them. Your home is a source of pride for you. Before it goes on the market, the JS Realty Team consults with you to make any cosmetic repairs or “staging” that will allow you to maximize the return on your investment. We know today’s market and what Buyers are looking for; let us help you attract more Buyers, quicker.

  • Individual Attention - You’ll never feel alone or ignored because you receive individual attention from our whole team every step of the way. We are excited to keep you in the loop and look forward to providing excellent communication from start to finish.

  • Constant Communication – Say goodbye to surprises, providing transparency along the way is our goal. We want to keep you informed to guide you towards making the smartest choices along the way. We will continuously educate you and help keep it simple to understand.

  • Attention to Detail – You enjoy a smooth transaction because our staff is trained to pay close attention to every detail so you don’t have to worry.  The JS Realty Team employs, property marketing specialist, transaction coordinators, a showing specialist and a customer service courier to help assure you of a positive selling experience.

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We have achieved success because we are committed to establishing a lifelong relationship with our clients. We do not perceive real estate sales and purchases to be transactional. Buying or selling a property is one of the most complex business transaction a person will ever make. We are committed, through every step of the process to ensure our clients are cared for, protected, and satisfied with the end result.

ETHICAL. We believe in treating people with respect, and in conducting all transactions in a responsible, thorough, and diligent manner. We are committed to always acting in our client’s best interests. We promise to always be honorable, moral, and fair in all aspects of our transactions.

PROTECTIVE. We are committed to shielding clients from potentially damaging situations and outcomes, and to keeping them safe from harm at every phase of their transaction.

CLIENT-DRIVEN. Everything we do is in the client’s best interest. We are bound to the client objectives. We are committed to putting the agendas of other stakeholders aside. We are dedicated to the client’s goals and objectives over those of everyone else.

TRANSPARENT. We believe in full disclosure with our clients. We are committed to communicating complex information in simple terms, and to ensuring that our clients understand everything they must know to be educated, informed, and protected.

SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED. At each step of the process, we are focused on achieving the solution and the end result. We keep the client focused on the goal, and help them decide on what the solution should be. We assist them in defining their short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals, and keeping them committed to the goals, making us their realtor for life. We are not transactional. We are committed to lifetime relationships and long-term solutions.

EXPERT-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE. We are experts in our field. We are committed to continuous learning, and we are constantly seeking out other field experts to learn how to be the best at what we do. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships with other ethical industry leaders. We are also committed to keeping our clients educated, and making them "expert owners" throughout the transaction and also beyond.